A Placenta Specialist offers several options for consuming your Placenta…including Capsules, Tincture, and Smoothies. Consuming the placenta after giving birth can offer many benefits, emotionally and physically, for the recovering Mother. That's why Tree of Life is dedicated to helping the Mothers of Bastrop and Austin feel their best in those delicate weeks after giving birth.  Learn more about all of the great BENEFITS. When choosing an Encapsulation Specialist it is imperative that they have been fully trained in safe food handling, proper bloodborne pathogens protocol, and processing of the placenta. Lauren Taylor’s top priority is the health and safety of her clients. Learn more about the important steps taken to ensure Encapsulation SAFETY. Once you have decided that you want to move forward, all you need to do is fill out the Order Form. Lauren Taylor is always happy to answer any and all questions!  Schedule a FREE Consult today!

The Placenta is responsible for the production and regulation of iron, hormones, and proteins during pregnancy. It is the power-house of your entire pregnancy…producing and regulating hormones that each have specific jobs to ensure the survival of your baby. Without a healthy Placenta, pregnancy cannot be sustained.

After delivery, the Placenta remains rich in these nutrients and can offer countless benefits for the postpartum woman. Some of the most notable Benefits include reduced risk of postnatal anemia and postpartum depression, increased energy and milk supply, and faster healing/recovery time.

Historically, Placentophagy, or the consumption of one’s placenta, has been practiced in various cultures for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese medicine has always considered the placenta to be a very powerful medicinal supplement, as it is life giving and stores the vital essence for the baby. During the past 100 years, with the rise of Western Medicine, Placentophagy has become a forgotten practice. Only with the recent resurgence of “Natural Birthing” are we getting back to our roots of doing what is best for our bodies and babies naturally!