Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Round Rock

What to Expect When Giving Birth Here


Address: 300 University Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

Phone: (512) 509-0100


Leapfrog Ratings - Hospital Maternity Ratings

  • This hospital's rate of Cesarean sections is 23.8%
  • This hospital's rate of early elective deliveries is 0.0%
  • This hospital's rate of episiotomies is 1.9%
  • This hospital's rate of screening newborns for jaundice before discharge is 100.0%
  • This hospital's rate of preventing blood clots in women undergoing cesarean section is 100.0%           
  • This hospital does not have certified nurse-midwives and/or certified midwives deliver newborns.     
  • This hospital employs or contracts with doulas.
  • This hospital offers lactation services in the hospital.   
  • This hospital does offer vaginal delivery after cesarean section (VBAC).     
  • This hospital does offer tubal ligation during the labor and delivery admission.


This particular Baylor Scott & White Medical Center is located in Round Rock and offers their maternity patients compassionate labor and delivery, medical, and surgical support!  This medical center is partnered with ‘Breastfeeding Success’ to provide breastfeeding support to all of their new mothers. ‘Breastfeeding Success’ is a comprehensive program that supports families during pregnancy, after birth, and beyond. They offer breastfeeding classes and virtual support groups that teach practical skills before the big day. Once your baby is born, the ‘Breastfeeding Success’ team of internationally board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLCs) will make a visit to your postpartum recovery room to assess you and your baby’s needs, provide education, and understand your feeding goals. They will help you with all lactation needs including obtaining a comfortable latch, ensuring that your baby is feeding well, and helping with hand expression or pumping to get you off to the best start possible. After you return home, ‘Breastfeeding Success’ continues their support by offering consults at their clinic locations, in-home visits, and even virtual visits! ‘Breastfeeding Success’ is Central Texas’ largest provider of lactation care and parent education classes and, best of all, their services are in-network with most major insurers!  Regardless of how you decide to feed your baby, Baylor Scott & White Round Rock, in partnership with ‘Breastfeeding Success’, are honored to support any parent with breastfeeding and chest-feeding strategies as well as judgment-free support for bottle-feeding and pumping parents. 

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Baylor Scott & White Round Rock provides care through their trained and experienced “Hospitalists”. These are a medical team of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants and social workers who are available to care for your baby in Round Rock. Pediatric hospitalists are present for delivery if needed. These physicians specialize in caring for newborns and providing any special care required. 

Your baby’s care team strives to meet two important goals:

  • Provide safe, evidence-based care for your newborn during his/her time in the hospital
  • Prepare you to take great care of your baby at home

This Baylor Scott & White location has a Level 1 Baby Nursery that is equipped with a team of health care providers who take care of:

  • Babies who are born on time (at about 40 weeks) who are stable (for example, they can breathe on their own and can maintain their own body temperature)
  • Babies who are born at 35 to 37 weeks and are stable
  • Babies who are sick or born before 35 weeks, but only until they can be moved to a nursery with a higher level of care

The Baylor Scott & White Round Rock website offers fantastic 360 views of their Nursery, Labor & Delivery rooms, Postpartum rooms, and other parts of the Hospital! On their website you can also find a comprehensive list of parenting classes and resources, including a free download of their New Parent Handbook!

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Placenta Encapsulation is the process in which your placenta is used to make an easy-to-take daily supplement that can help you have a better postpartum recovery!  The most common reported benefits include:

  • Boost in energy
  • Reduced risk of developing postpartum depression
  • Healthy milk supply
  • Less postpartum bleeding
  • Faster healing/recovery
  • Less post-surgical and postpartum pain 

In the state of Texas, you are allowed to keep your placenta in most cases, but certain circumstances can require that the placenta go to Pathology for testing. Read more about what to do if this happens here: 'Know Your Placenta Rights in a Hospital Setting'

The specific placenta protocol for Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Round Rock is:

  1. Notify your L&D Nurses of your plans to keep your placenta
  2. Bring a cooler (the hospital will provide ice)
  3. Sign the Hospital’s Consent/Release Form

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Google reviews, regarding labor & delivery for this Hospital are mixed, either being excellent 5-Start reviews, or being frustrated 1-Star reviews.  There also aren’t many recent Google reviews about the labor & delivery experience here. However, if you search local Round Rock Facebook pages you find much more feedback about other moms’ experiences here!  But again, it’s pretty mixed, with some having had amazing experiences and other’s having had horrible experiences.  Do your research and never be afraid to advocate for yourself!

Positive Reviews: 

2023: “I've been meaning to do a review a long time ago! I had my son here in September and Dr. Walters is absolutely AMAZING. She was so helpful throughout my entire pregnancy. The days that I stayed in the hospital all the nurses were so helpful and checked up on me constantly asking if I needed anything. I had a wonderful team with me and greatly appreciate everything they did.”

2022: “I had no issues I delivered in august 2022. I didn’t tour but rooms were spacious and every nurse was kind.”

2022: “I loved my experience and BSW RR they delivered my first child and will be delivering my next. Everyone was amazing there and so nice.”

2021: “I just had my first baby last week at BSW RR and was thrilled with the care we received. Nurses and doctors were all attentive and super helpful.”

2020: “My experience with BSW labor and delivery is very good. They were very attentive even though I came in screaming, they patient and kind and attended to me right away. They were amazing, my doctor was awesome...I will refer anyone there...”

2020: “Had both of my children here and the Labor and Deliver ward is beyond awesome.”

2020: “I had all three of mine (between 2017-2020) at BS&W in Round Rock! I love all the doctors there and the nursing staff is amazing. You will be in good hands.”

2019: “All around awesome experience here. We spent 3 days in the labor & delivery section. From the moment that we walked in up until discharge, everybody was so nice and caring. The RNs that watch over you at night are great! Thank you all so much!”

2018: “I love the doctors and nurses at this hospital! Every time I had to go for a prenatal visit I was always treated with care. The appointments were easy to schedule and I never had to wait long to see my doctor. Dr Amy Chapman is an amazing OBGYN. She would answer questions at each visit, and respond quickly to MyChart questions. The delivery of my daughter was also at this hospital. The labor and delivery unit is small, but the delivery rooms are spacious. The cafeteria food options were not the best, luckily, I only had to spend one night in recovery.”

Negative Reviews:

2022: I had my daughter there in April 2022 and it was an induction. The rooms are really nice but I felt pretty neglected as a patient. They had their student coming in and checking on me independently to rotate me side to side. I was having 7-minute-long contractions and in a lot of pain. I asked them to check to see if baby was coming but they told me no because they had checked 30 minutes prior. Well, low and behold, I was crowning and everyone panicked because they didn’t know how long she had been stuck in my vaginal canal. It was pretty traumatic

2021: “Baylor Scott and white does not have lactation consultants during the weekend FYI. Would not give birth there again.”

2021: “I delivered there in 2021, and honestly had a terrible experience. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I had several complications, and had to go back 2 weeks postpartum for emergency surgery due to an infection along the 4th degree tear. I then delivered at St. David’s North Austin in June 2023, and it was night and day difference—the nursing staff and providers were significantly more attentive and caring. If you have the option, I would deliver here.”

2021: “I’ve had a baby at BSW and a baby at St. David’s and I will say that my birthing experience at St. David’s was much more comfortable and it didn’t feel as stressful, not to mention their food was actually really good. At BSW it just felt chaotic and I had a doctor aside from my OB help and he yelled at me when I was pushing because I was being too loud.

2020: “Never been very happy with this place.  My first bad visit was when my wife was having pregnancy troubles.  The lady got mad wondering why we were in such a hurry.  Turns out my wife needed an emergency C section.  Our second child we also came back.  Some nice nurses but besides that, below par.  Loud noises at all times, so hard time get sleep.  Kinda like an old apartment building.  Plus people coming in the room at random times, 2 to 3 times an hour.  Plus called the nurse with the button and no one came.  I had to come out and they got mad for me coming out.”

2020: “As soon as I found out I was pregnant I made an appointment with Baylor Scott and White. When I went in for my first appointment it was great, just dealt with a nurse and did some blood tests. Went to financial they gave me only one option. My husband and I went home and discussed the option which was outrageous. Pay $1000 a month until I deliver. Which I understand my out of pocket is my out of pocket and I have to pay it no matter what. But come on who can afford $1000 a month? I have a great job and so does my husband. After discussing this option, I called 3 times and left messages and my husband called 5 times and left messages and no call back. We went in for our next appointment to do an ultrasound (which I was so excited to finally see my little baby growing inside of me) and they told us our one option and that I had to pay the $1000 that day or I couldn’t do my appointment. I asked if I could just pay for that day’s appointment out of pocket and the lady said no. We called multiple hospitals and friends and they as well felt that this was outrageous and that Baylor Scott and White should work with us. During that second appointment we asked if there was any other option to keep moving forward with Baylor Scott and White the lady said no rudely. They lady even got extremely mad at us because we paid for the first appointment online and not with her.  My husband and I are extremely saddened and disappointed by how we were treated and that they were not willing to work with us. I left crying and extremely upset. We went straight to another hospital and they were so nice and willing to help even though we did not have an appointment. They even gave me a tour of labor and delivery, which Baylor Scott and white never offered to me.  This is supposed to be an exciting moment in our lives and Baylor Scott and White made it a frustrating, sad and horrible experience for me.”