Dominique: I had an amazing experience with this Lauren. The customer service was outstanding, and the product was exactly what I was looking for. I appreciated the check-ins after my baby was born. So glad I found her!

Jordyn: LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about tree if life placenta encapsulation!! I got the encapsulation as well as the tincture and honestly have seen/felt the benefits of taking my placenta. Lauren is absolutely amazing explains the process and steps of everything and continues to offer support even after you have received your products! 10/10 will definitely go back to her if i ever have another little one in the future!

Shante: 10/10 definitely recommend! Lauren was super helpful and pleasant. She remained in constant contact with me & was very informative. I was really excited about encapsulating my placenta this time around for my twins and I’m glad I did it with her. I ran into some hiccups with developing the PUPPP rash in my 3rd trimester and didn’t know so taking my capsules triggered the rash again. I started to get nervous thinking I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits of my placenta but thankfully Lauren was able to provide me with some insight to keep the rash at bay & still be able to take my capsules. Thank you Lauren!🖤

Alyssa: I highly recommend encapsulation with Lauren. She was highly attentive, kind and very helpful including the weeks during postpartum. The quality of her services were outstanding, I only wish I would have found her for my previous births. Encapsulation helped my postpartum mood, energy, mental stability and my hormone fluctuation. I also ordered the placenta print and it’s just stunning. I am so thankful to have this keepsake. If you are on the fence about placenta encapsulation with Lauren, let this be your sign to go for it, she is worth every penny and more!

Summer: I am so happy I decided to have this done! I thought about it all throughout my pregnancy but the decision just kept getting put to the side. I did end up keeping my placenta after delivery but it was just sitting in my freezer. After two weeks postpartum I finally decided I wanted to do something with my placenta & that’s when I came across Tree of Life. After I filled out the form on their website, Lauren reached out to me very quickly via text & answered all my questions. I ended up having my placenta powdered (not encapsulated) & also ordered watercolor prints + the cord keepsake. I live outside Lauren’s travel radius but it was very easy to arrange a time/place to meet up to drop off/pick up. Lauren was very accommodating & I’m incredibly grateful for her services. The prints came out amazing, the cord keepsake is perfect, & I can’t want to start using the powder. I highly recommend Lauren’s services!

Trisha: "Choosing Lauren for my placenta encapsulation was one of the best decisions I made. I’m so happy I did this! It has resulted in me having the best experience possible in my first pregnancy. I know 100% for certain that the placenta capsules helped regulate my emotional imbalance and hormones, especially during those first few weeks and it also aided in increasing my milk supply, which was plentiful. I’m still reaping the benefits four months later and she is still always available to answer any questions that I have and has always been so responsive. It truly feels like Ive been working with the friend. She’s so incredibly personable and from day one she was able to go to the hospital and pick up my placenta under short notice (and I was out in Lakeway) and deliver my package of capsules and tincture ahead of time that I expected to receive them. I’m also so glad I got the tincture so I can use later on in life! Choose Lauren ❤️ You will not regret it!!!

Leigh: "I absolutely loved this experience and continue to love my products! Lauren was amazing from day one, not only making sure we both had all the info needed to make this successful but also just checking in on me personally-before and after baby was born! This is my first baby so I don’t have a comparison, but I can say that I’m 36 and was a little (a lot) concerned about postpartum depression and other things and other than a few emotional days of new mom stressors, I have had a beautiful experience and have been told 3 times “wow, you are handling this REALLY well, I would’ve been a mess!” So, I’m taking that as my confirmation that these products are so worth it!!!"
Products I got:
- Tinctures
- Capsules
- Salve
- Broth cubes
- Smoothie cubes
- Placenta art prints (Beautiful !!!)

Tondra: "I would highly recommend Lauren at Tree of life Placenta Encapsulation! I'm a first time mom and feel so blessed to have met her! This is her passion and she has a wealth of knowledge and options for whatever your postpartum needs are. I was skeptical about how potent/effective the capsules would be, but there was a NOTICEABLE difference in my moods and energy levels. On particularly stressful days I reached out to her for advice on dosing and she skillfully walked me thru how to best utilize the products. It carried me thru! She checked on me and the baby regularly and truly cared. When she delivered my products postpartum, she wasn't able to use my cord for medical reasons and so made it into a precious keepsake I will cherish forever. She went above and beyond in every regard: professionalism, attention to detail, cleanliness, and personal touch. I credit my amazing postpartum experience in large part to Lauren and my Tree of Life products!"

Malorie: “A friend of mine educated me on a few of the benefits of placenta encapsulation, however, I wasn’t sold. My boyfriend, friends and family were unsupportive and made jokes about the idea of me ingesting my own organ. I decided to attend a free class that Tree Of Life was holding to learn more about placenta encapsulation. I asked my boyfriend to attend the class with me simply for support. Little did I know, he would come out of the class with more passion about placenta encapsulation than myself. We were both mesmerized by Lauren’s (owner) presentation. She spoke with so much knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine desire to better postpartum recovery. As many of you mamas may know, when you’re pregnant, it’s hard to focus on…well anything! With that said, I was grateful to receive the Tree Of Life information packet so that I may refer back to what I learned in the class, and also so that I may have a convenient way to educate my friends and family on the benefits. I actually took pictures of each page of the info packet on my phone and sent them to my dad and brother who made the jokes about placenta encapsulation. I’m pleased to say that not only were their minds blown by the awesomeness of it, but their minds were changed and I had more support 🙂 I am type 1 diabetic and had some concerns about the health of my placenta and the safety of ingesting it. Lauren personally contacted me with info from research and reaching out to her encapsulator community which laid a lot of my worries to rest. My mind was made up! I had every intention of planning ahead and contacting Tree Of Life to secure my order of smoothies and capsules…but things changed in the blink of an eye and I delivered my baby 5 weeks early via an emergency c-section. I was certain that my chances of having my placenta encapsulated were gone. I was wrong. I contacted Lauren an hour after my c-section and she was at the hospital a few hours later. What Lauren provided for me was so much more meaningful than words can describe. Her showing up to the hospital to pick up my placenta was the ONLY thing that went my way as far as my birth plan was concerned. I couldn’t believe she was in my hospital room blending smoothies right in front of was like a little piece of my dream was actually coming true. The smoothies were made the same day I delivered my baby, and she returned with half raw capsules and half TCM capsules the next day (which I proudly showed off to the hospital staff). My postpartum recovery was terrifying and even life threatening due to an extreme case of preeclampsia. I had anxiety and fear about my body failing me and general anxiety about being a first time mommy. I can say with confidence that the smoothies and capsules alleviated a lot of that stress. I looked forward to having my smoothie each day I was jn the hospital because I felt like I was doing something great for my mind and body. A big thing I attribute to the smoothies and capsules was my early abundance of breastmilk. The nursing staff was shocked to see me pumping ounces of colostrum rather than drops. I could go on forever about how amazing my experience with Tree Of Life was and even more importantly how amazing it was to see the benefits I read about come to life within myself. I am thankful that I met Lauren and had the opportunity of a lifetime. “

Ashley: “I am so glad I chose Tree of Life for my placenta encapsulation! I loved my smoothies and I really feel amazing! This was my third pregnancy and my first time doing placenta encapsulation. My recovery this time was much faster and with my last 2 babies I had trouble producing enough milk but this time I am blessed with more than enough! I believe the smoothies and the pills really helped and I would defiantly use these services again. A special thank you to Lauren for being so wonderful and helpful. She made this experience easy and enjoyable 🙂 Thanks Lauren!!!”

Leticia: “I had my placenta encapsulated and I am very thankful for Lauren! I had not planned on a c section delivery. My baby was breech and I had no other choice. I had plenty of colostrum to feed my baby and I felt a boost of energy after my fist smoothie. Lauren showed up to mix my smoothie and had my pills ready before I left the hospital. I had my baby at the Kaiser in Riverside. I would recommend her to anybody that is looking to feel great after they deliver their bundle of joy. I never experienced baby blues either. Thank You Lauren”

Rose: “I am so happy I tried placenta encapsulation. I purchased the smoothies, capsules and tincture. I was skeptical at first to try the smoothies but they tasted AMAZING… I highly recommend them. Lauren, the owner, is great! She was very friendly and accommodating. I took her class at Unique Ultrasound in Temecula where she answered any questions or concerns that I had. She was able to give me the smoothies the very same day I delivered my baby and personally delivered my capsules to me before I was discharged from the hospital. I was surprised that my recovery was so fast and I did not experience any mood swings whatsoever. I credit placenta encapsulation for my positive postpartum experience.”

Victoria: “A-may-Zing!!! I decided to try placenta encapsulation with my second child who just turned 4 months. I tried the smoothie, capsules and tincture. The smoothies were the first food I had after my baby was born via c-section. It was Delish! I was excepting my recovery to be terrible (similar to my first)- I can honestly say my mood was positive, I felt calm, relaxed and even. I was strict taking 4 capsules a day. My milk supply came in, which it did not with my first and I had plenty of milk and a growing baby!!! Even with the stress of having family around, I truly felt the capsules were short of a miracle. I was even sad when I was finished with them, but had my tincture to take in its place. Lauren the owner was incredible!!!! I delivered fairly early and she was there to handle the pick-up & delivery. I truly believe you have nothing to lose. As a second time parent who was expecting the worse (due to the challenges of my first child) I could not believe how great I felt and continue to feel. My husband even commented that it seemed that I was calmer than my normal self since taking these!!! Wish I could take them forever!!”

Destiny: “I tried placenta encapsulation with my first child. I had heard about the benefits of ingesting your placenta but did not like the idea of cooking mine up like a steak, when I found out about encapsulation, I was sold. Even when I was having financial struggles, Lauren was very willing to work out a payment plan with me so I could receive the benefits. Lauren picked up my placenta and delivered my capsules back to me while I was still in the hospital. My milk supply came in promptly at 3 days pp and was abundant! I produced enough to feed my little one and also stock up for when I returned to work. My attitude was very positive as long as I remembered to take my capsules but if I forgot, I would come down with baby blues. I think if I did not have the capsules, I would have gotten pp depression, especially bc I have a history of it. Instead my postpartum experience was a very happy one. Once I ran out of the capsules I waited 3 weeks to use the tincture. I noticed a decrease in my milk supply and a slump in my mood within 3 days of stopping the capsules but since I’ve started using the tincture I’m noticing a little perk in my mood and milk all over again! I highly recommend at least encapsulating, I wish I had tried the smoothies and hope to next time. Lauren was especially great, kind yet professional and very quick to respond, pick up, and deliver. If I have another baby in the near future I will definitely be a returning customer.”

Nicole: “I was happy with the process. I really felt the increase in my enery level. The doctors and nurses all said I was doing better than most patients after a c-section.”

Amanda: “Lauren was amazing! She was so sweet and followed up with me on multiple occasions to see how I was doing and answer any questions (even those unrelated to encapsulation). She even interrupted her holiday plans when our baby arrived on Christmas Day! I have heard stories of milk supply issues and attribute not having any of these issues to the placenta encapsulation. I felt like I had more energy and was better able to cope with sleep deprivation when I was taking the pills. We will definitely use Tree of Life with our next child.”

Lorraine: “I didn’t get my placenta encapsulated with my first pregnancy and was really depressed and had low milk supply. During my second pregnancy I decided I wanted to try it because of everything it said it was good for. I am so glad I did. Whenever I felt depressed or empty I took the capsules or made a smoothie and I peeked right back up. The smoothies were so delicious you would never know the placenta was in there. I really believe they helped start me off with a good milk supply. Thank you so much Lauren! I would definitely order again.”

Krystal: “I am so happy that I was able to do the encapsulation! I didn’t realize it was a thing you could do with my first pregnancy, and I had a hard time getting milk in, slow recovery and baby blues. With my 2nd pregnancy and doing the encapsulation I had little to no problem with my milk supply, no baby blues and I feel I had a much easier recovery this time around, and both deliveries were 20+ hours that both times ended in needing to have a cesarean birth! Lauren was a blessing and EASY to work with in getting this done and was SO quick to get me my capsules done and brought to me in a quick and orderly time! I’ve already referred 4 friends to go to her for their encapsulation experience which I am positive they will enjoy!”

Cheryl: “Lauren is amazing! She went above and beyond for my sister and I, and gave us both high quality products! I would (and have) recommend her to any mom to be. Thank you so much Lauren, I can’t wait to work with you again!”